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Check out our new wedding on Style Me Pretty!

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A Bel Air Wonderland Wedding on SMP

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Crissy and Mike’s wedding was held at her parent’s beautiful Normandy-style estate designed by Wallace Neff. It was a gorgeous backdrop for their nighttime ceremony and planner Samantha Scott really outdid herself designing this elegant, nighttime wonderland of light. Our very talented Gennia led a team of three photographers, including the artist Linda Arredondo as a guest photographer. The coverage was exclusively digital, but I love the filmic, moody images they captured.

Style Me Pretty is the place to see all the gorgeous details (including the 10,000 square feet of custom wood decking built just for the day, or the hundreds of one-of-a-kind, handmade balsa wood roses installed for this ephemeral evening), but below you’ll find some of our favorite documentary moments of the love and warmth that surrounded Crissy and Mike on this perfect day.

-Happy Friday friends, and for those of you here in Southern California, beat the heat!



A romantic groom

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I tend to skim the text on wedding blogs and focus on the photos, but Adam’s accompanying note on this SMP post is worth a read.  His words are authentic and show his deep dedication and love for his bride, Emily. He adores everything she does, and together they put on a wedding (with help from the amazing Heidi from Red 25 Events) which honored their friends and family and stayed true to who they are as individuals — generous, modern, fun-loving and classically beautiful people.

Below are just a few of my  favorite moments from the wedding, or take a look at the SMP post to see more candids and some really thoughtful ways they treated their guests, including giving Uggs (not flip flips!) to any guest who wanted a pair, and setting champagne next to their guests’ chairs so they could witness the ceremony with bubbly in hand.

Emily and Adam loved the look of film and I shot their wedding using a mixture of 35mm film and digital Canon cameras, my two favorite twin lens cameras and a Holga (Three Artist, Film-Based package).


Fuji 400 220 film from Japan (discontinued now in the US) on the Mamiya C330

Ilford HP5 shot at 1000 on Rolleiflex

Ilford Delta 3200 on Rolleiflex

Ilford HP5 shot at 1000 on Canon EOS-IV

Ilford HP5 shot at 400 on Rolleiflex

Digital file by Aurelia, a Docuvitae guest artist

Ilford Delta 3200 on Canon EOS-IV

Ilford Delta 3200 on Canon EOS-IV

Ilford Delta 3200 on Rolleiflex

Ilford Delta 3200 on Canon EOS-IV / Digital file by Aurelia, a Docuvitae guest artist

Digital file from my Canon Mark III


Our very own, Gennia, Gets Married!

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Having witnessed countless “I do’s” through her lens as a Docuvitae photographer for the last eight years, Gennia thought planning a wedding would be fairly easy, until a ring when was on her finger, and she actually started planning.

Read more about her story on our favorite wedding blog, Style Me Pretty


Palm Springs Wedding

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Our latest wedding on Style Me Pretty took Gennia to Palm Springs where she photographed Jamie & Ryan’s wedding at The Parker (where Gennia later wed just this March, her photos to come soon.)

Check out the full story on the SMP blog post.


Docuvitae’s Sonoma wedding on Style Me Pretty!

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2012 was a year of incredible clients!

And we were lucky enough to have two weddings shot last year in Northern California wine country featured on Style Me Pretty in one month! (See our previous post about Julie and Brian’s wedding, too, if you haven’t already.) I greatly respect and admire both couples, and they both make such handsome pairs, they made my job was that much easier.  See for yourself in our newest feature on SMP today.

Heidi and Nicholai’s wedding in Sonoma County, just outside of Healdsburg, had an abundance of love as well as one of the most memorable and charming ceremony entrances (of the groom, no less) that I’ve ever witnessed. Nicholai loves big wave surfing,  so instead of walking down the aisle, he crafted a giant wave to ride to his ceremony. The wedding was held at Nicholai’s family’s vineyard and the ceremony itself was held on the bank of a beautiful pond. He grew up spending summers and holidays on the amazing property, so the location itself had great meaning to the couple, too.

A few more of my favorite moments:

Heidi, who has Mexican heritage, for a hoot, agreed to let the uncle who officiated the ceremony fire off three shots on his gun after they said, “I do”. That was a first for me!

Near the end of the evening Heidi and Nicholai experienced one of those moments you watch and wish were happening to you: they were literally swept up above the heads of their friends and crowd surfed to the pulsing beat of a Rhianna song. To this day, every time I hear this song, it evokes this scene for me.

And there’s nothing better than sharing new photographs as a tool to help new clients make choices about what coverage is best for them. If you are debating whether to book film or digital coverage, you may want to consider both. At Heidi and Nicholai’s wedding I shot a mix of vintage medium-format and panoramic cameras with a pair of Canon digital SLR cameras. Since creating our Three Artist, Mixed Media: Vintage Camera package last year, it’s definitely become my favorite way to approach a wedding. I find the addition of film makes a meaningful difference in the way I shoot a wedding for several reasons. The unique perspective of a twin lens camera and the square frame (I mainly shoot with a Mamiya C330 and a Rolleiflex), plus the choice of the film type itself (which lends a color palette and texture to the images not present in RAW digital images) helps me to capture the world as I see it in my mind. Creating a photograph in camera, as opposed to on a computer screen, is a luxury today when so many images require time in front of a computer to turn them into what you envisioned when you shot the scene. (See a few of my favorite square-format photographs shot on film below). So when you pair the benefits of film with 35mm digital camera coverage, which is incredible for documenting quick moving subjects as well as working in low light (and I can’t recall a wedding in the past twelve years that didn’t have it’s fair share of both!) the end result is a pretty perfect way to document a wedding.

Additionally, for this Three Artist package we asked a former apprentice of the studio (who is now local to Sonoma) to be our third photographer. She beautifully captured the top photograph of Nicholai’s arrival.  If you are considering coverage with film and debating the idea of a third photographer, this is an example of the additional investment paying off. Knowing the sandy beach (with all the guests) would be difficult to navigate, we decided Dana should shoot from the more flexible and higher vantage point on the deck of the boat house. My photograph of the same scene works, but her perspective was better.  So although it’s not necessary to have a third artist in a film package, I always appreciate having the extra perspective, especially when working in a tight quarters where your ability to move around is limited.

Congrats again to Heidi and Nicolai!   Check out the full feature on Style Me Pretty’s main page. And lastly, if you love Heidi and Nicholai’s tent as much as we do, visit Zephyr Tents.


Shot on Kodak Portra 800 rated at 400 ISO on a Mamiya C330

Shot on Ilford HP5 at 400 on a Rolleiflex 2.8

Shot on Ilford 3200 at 1600 ISO on a Rolleiflex 2.8

Shot on Ilford HP5 at 400 on a Rolleiflex 2.8

Shot on Portra 800 at 400 ISO on a Mamiya C330

Shot on Ilford HP5 at 400 on a Rolleiflex 2.8

Shot on Portra 800 at 400 ISO on a Mamiya C330

Shot on Ilford 3200 at 2000 ISO on a Holga plastic camera


On Style Me Pretty today, our Napa Valley wedding

Thursday, April 4th, 2013 Events No Comments

We are excited to share the link from Style Me Pretty today featuring one of our very favorite weddings from last fall!

Julie and Brian married at the family estate in Rutherford, CA. The couple was inspired by the Evelyn Waugh and Nancy Mitford’s novels about impeccably dressed, high society characters that threw fabulously eccentric party.  Read more by going to the SMP blog post.


New Feature on Style Me Pretty!

We’re thrilled to have our work featured again on Style Me Pretty today!  Congrats again to Deborah Goldsman and Tony Rasmussen!  Check out the full feature here.


Obama supports Gay Marriage

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AT LAST!  I was beyond excited to read about Obama’s announcement yesterday. It’s about time!

The very first wedding I shot in Los Angeles was a gay wedding. One of the grooms is a very close friend of mine. His trust in me gave me the confidence to approach the day with creativity and wonder and the beautiful pictures of his perfect day inspired me to create Docuvitae. I post the below photo in honor of Johnny and Bill. I’m thinking of you both today.



Winogrand’s photos from the 1960 Democratic Convention in the NYT

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This series of Garry Winogrand’s photographs from the 1960’s Democratic Convention held in LA is worth your time. Winogrand’s innate ability to capture moments stands the test of time.

On a personal note, I lived in Washington, D.C. for a brief stint to try out political photography. I still wax poetically about my experience photographing President Clinton on Airforce One, but after a few days of being elbowed in a press pool of mostly sweaty, aggressive men with bad fashion sense, I decided political photography was not for me and I moved to LA where the men are better groomed and the town and weather much more to my liking. Within my first few months in LA, I shot my first wedding and shortly thereafter, launched Docuvitae. The experience in D.C. gave me a great appreciation for those who make art in the midst of a political landscape and this series by Winogrand was a treat.

Happy Friday. Enjoy your weekend!



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